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Woody’s ukulele classes are perfect for schools, festivals and families wanting to learn to play music.

The Ukulele Kids Online Series is a unique offering in the digital education sector.
Woody has taken the time to develop very successful sequential models that he uses in his live shows and workshops with Woody’s Ukulele School. These have been developed in front of live audiences at festival, schools and workshops.
We know that this works best from years of development. Each course contains a PDF lyric/chord sheet, plus a download of the song/s.

When you sign up to our Ukulele Kids Club, you receive structured videos that take your children /family step by step through the skills required. You get instant excess to the beginner course, you receive structured videos that take your children /family step by step through the skills required.

For Woody’s online courses go to:


Select the Beginner course if you’re just starting out.

The Good Morning Course is an intermediate (follow up course)
This is perfect once you have mastered the beginner course.
Remember if you join the ukulele kids club, you get a 50% discount.

Woody knows that music has to be fun and rewarding for kids to ‘buy in’ to the experience.

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Our mission with Ukulele Kids is to help children and families learn music

“Ukulele Kids Club is full of great musical fun, wonderful ways to introduce your children to music through the easy to learn ukulele. Enjoy our site – enjoy our live shows, you and your children will love the experience. Come and join us.”

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Ukulele Kids Herald Sun article 10 Jan 2019

Woody’s Blog

Hi friends! We are heading back to the studio today with the gang - the family band plus a few ring ins. We are More...

How good are we

Millwarra, Yarra Valley
….the most fun children’s entertainment we have had!
Gowrie Early Learning Centre, Docklands
If you have children who love music and performing then this is a great show to be involved with!
H. Gerrard, Principal, Beechworth
Woody was highly entertaining and engaging, with an inclusive style that was perfect for our recent Harmony Day Celebrations.
Woody's World Music 4Kids

Woody's World creates colourful and meaningful music, live shows and digital content for children and families. Picture a teddy bears picnic at Woodstock, or a musical calaboration between Dr Seuss, Oliver Twist and the Muppets - now you're close to imagining Woody's World.

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