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Musical expression is made easy when Woody teams up with the entire audience to play the ukulele together!

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The Ukulele Kids Project is the culmination of Woody’s vision to create a generation of young music makers. With the premise that all kids can be musicians, Woody’s work has taken him into schools and remote Indigenous communities, plus an extensive collaboration with his own kids (which saw his daughter win the ACMF School Songwriting Competition in 2018).
Ukulele Kids is the synthesis of Woody’s work in the children’s music genre, his 16-year career (as a outdoor, classroom and music teacher) and his passion for family music-making as his mobile ukulele school.

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Our kids have a great resource when they join Ukulele Kids, FREE stuff online, WIN at our shows and EXTRA OFFERS non-members don’t see and get.

Free Ukulele Stuff

Ukulele Kids and Woody’s World have amazing stuff for your kids absolutely FREE !
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There are beginner lessons, tips and tutorials, Woody’s monthly Question and Answer sessions and Ukulele Kids giveaways.
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Discount Show Tix

Ukulele Kids live shows are great fun, specially if you are on the stage with Woody and Jasmina !
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Online Activities

The Ukulele Kids Online Series is based on the live show that Woody is currently touring around Australia. It is a fun and engaging way to begin learning the ukulele and developing musical literacy with your children/studnets.
There are beginner courses and intermediate courses to suit the developing young ukulele enthusiast.
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Behind the scenes

Follow our activities, songwriting, touring, live shows and more !
Woody loves teaching ukulele and music to students, children and families.

Follow Woody’s amazing adventures in the International Year of the Ukulele as he teams up with Regional Arts Victoria, the Song Room, delivering lessons and shows to thousands of kids around the country.
Can you imagine a better job? Not likely!

Expect to hear about the making of Woody’s new album and launch.
Just like you would if you were playing on the album yourself!

“Ukulele Kids Club is full of great musical fun, wonderful ways to introduce your children to music through the easy to learn ukulele. Enjoy our site – enjoy our live shows, you and your children will love the experience. Come and join us.”

Ukulele Kids Show

Ukulele Kids Show

Our famous beginner ukulele workshop that is embedded in an exciting and engaging live show
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Ukulele Classes

Learn the ukulele in the most enjoyable way. We make learning fun, on-on-one or group learning.
Woody’s ukulele classes are perfect for schools, festivals and families wanting to learn to play music.
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Ukulele Shop

Moving up with your ukulele, grab some great accessories. We have lots of great products you can purchase right here.
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Our kids have a great resource when they join Ukulele Kids, FREE stuff online, WIN at our shows and EXTRA OFFERS non-members don’t see and get.