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The ukulele is a very accessible instrument. It is perfect for beginners to learn about the elements of music; rhythm, melody, dynamics, chords, ensemble playing and vocal accompaniment. Learning an instrument is like learning another language; it trains the brain, improves fine motor skills, coordination and concentration. Woody’s Ukulele School classes make music accessible and fun for children and families within our community.

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Woody is a children’s performer and teacher with over 15 years’ experience. He has performed all over Australia at major festivals, events, and schools to more than 10,000 children. Having grown up in a musical family, Woody is an ambassador of family music and has taught the basics to his own children who have co-written songs, recorded and toured with him during the past few years. He loves to see families creating music rather than consuming it and the ukulele is a great way for both children, parents and grandparents to begin this process.

“Our site is full of great musical fun, wonderful ways to introduce your children to music through the easy to learn ukulele. Enjoy our site – enjoy our live shows, you and your children will love the experience. Come and join us.”

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Ukulele Kids Herald Sun article 10 Jan 2019

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Hi friends! We are heading back to the studio today with the gang - the family band plus a few ring ins. We are More...

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K Beaton, Class 5/6
We booked Woody’s World for a full day of concerts and workshops. His performances were informative, fun and the students had a great time
Millwarra, Yarra Valley
….the most fun children’s entertainment we have had!
Port Fairy Folk Festival
…very entertaining
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